May 2013

Happy spring everyone, the leaves are actually popping out this year as there was the long delay then all that heat-you can almost watch them coming out.  Most of the birds are back and tending to their spring business, we are still waiting for the cliff swallows, we haven’t seen any mosquitoes yet…the swallows usually arrive at about the same time as they do.

The cattle are coming in around May 15th.  We are taking 300 pair this year, that’s up from the 270 the last few years.  We will be providing the same 1900 AUM’s of grazing to the Eyremore Grazing Association.  The new patrons seem to be looking forward to being out on the ranch so lets hope that it’s a wonderful grazing season all the way around.

There are a few things going on around the ranch this spring and summer;  The Crested Wheat Grass Reclamation Project is going ahead, we will be posting more info soon.

Antelope Creek Ranch is hosting a 2 day pasture monitoring workshop with Land EKG-Canada on July 16-17 2013.   Some info about the the course:

As margins continue to narrow and competition for natural resources continues to increase, the pressure to improve your management becomes ever greater. You have a lot of responsibility – we understand that. We also understand that good decisions are based on good Information and good information is based on continual measurement of those factors that are important to both your land management and your bottom line. In that sense, measurement is the key to profitable sustainable land management.

With that in mind, we are very pleased to offer our 2 day Land EKG – Canada Pasture Monitoring Basics School in your area. We hope you will take the time to join us and learn to monitor your land for health and productivity characteristics.

Here are some of the monitoring benefits to YOU:
• Better management decisions
• Decrease Costs – less hay, vet and labour
• Increase Income – more forage, healthier livestock
• Document and Defend – verify management practices which in turn may be used in legal proceedings, policy debates and public hearings
• Develop Common Ground – communicate land information to a wide variety of audiences and share information with other land managers.
• Expand your capabilities – grazing lease security, carbon off-set payment/contracts, conservation & stewardship awards.
What we measure or record:
• Rainfall (seasonal and annual)
• Pasture production / utilization measurements
• Biological diversity
• Soil survey information
• Leaf litter and other near-term recovery indicators
• Grazing records, budget and index
• Permanent land record for each monitoring site
• Monitoring site report
• Google Earth property maps

For more info contact:  Ted Sutton  403-764-7402





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