September 2013

Welcome back, fall is in the air, the kids are back to school and the routines are back in place.  The geese and ducks are starting to collect into small flocks and the waterfowl hunters are out and about.  We have had a very warm and dry August and the nights are staying warm so there are lots of bugs around so if you are out on the ranch make sure you bring protection!

There are a few things happening around the Ranch this month:

Lethbridge College/LC, is coming out September 19 for a tour with the Wildlife Class

Water fowl season is open as of September 1st, with Pheasant and upland bird season opening October 15th

The bulls were pulled middle of August

The grass is great and the cows and calves all look great

The AIA’s 2010 Reclamation Criteria Course last month went very well, they had 25 students and great weather.  We are always happy to be able to host/supply location for eduction and environmental study

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