March 2014

Well Spring has sprung the grass is about to ris, I know where the birdies is…The weather has just warmed up and already the geese are flocking to the Ranch, glad to finally see spring and all it’s wonder.  I hope the season is finding you all well.

  • We have had a good winter with a trip to Regina for the Native Prairie Workshop, it was wonderful and very informative.  Now for the grasses to start growing so we can start with all our reclamation projects.
  • Neal has started with “Agriculture In The Classroom” program and will soon be going to a number of schools in the area talking about agriculture and native grasses.
  • With the weather warming up the grasses and soils are wet, soft and easily damaged so if anyone is wanting to come out and look around, perhaps check out the birds, we ask that you stay on roads with vehicles and walk on the grasses.  Thank you
  • Enjoy the spring weather, the birds and spring flowers and grasses, the suffocating heat of summer is just around the corner!!

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