June 2014

June has finally arrived and the grass is growing and there are baby animals everywhere!  In May the cows came in and now in June the we have our version of running the bulls!

  • The bulls come in on the 10th
  • If you are out hiking about the ranch please avoid areas where there are cows
  • There is live electric fencing out on the prairie this year so please be aware of what you touch
  • Make sure all gates are closed behind you every time and always leave gates as you find them!!
  • There are lots of birds around so bring binoculars and a bird book
  • The Prairie Conservation Forum is June 17th and 18th in Stettler
  •  Neal will be attending the UCVM Beef Conference later this month in Calgary
  • There is also a PCF Board Meeting in Strathmore at the end of the month
  • The Ranch will be hosting a Landowner workshop on July 28th and 29th Contact Ted
  • The AIA is holding it Grassland Reclamation Training course again this year August 6 & 7, the Ranch will be hosting part of the field training aspect of course.  For registration info go to the AIA website.

Have a warm fun and safe June, only weeks until summer!!

Shannon and Neal

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