September 2014

Hello all, hope everyone had a warm and wonderful summer.  Sorry I sort of lost touch this summer was busy and forgetful so I guess we must of had tons of fun!  Not a lot has happend Ranch wise this summer, the cows and bulls came in and now the bulls are gone (everthing on shcedule)!

  • We now have a refurbished boat launch for light and small boats, the weeds are high and the water isn’t all that high.
  • We ask that people please leave all gates as you find them (latched properly), there may not be any cattle around that you can see but please rest assured that they are there and as soon as you leave the gate open they will be through it.
  • Please read and obey posted signs when out and about.
  • We are hosting Lethbrige colllege tour on Friday September 19th.
  • The AIA with Ron McNeil and Varge Craig are running a certification course on the 2010 Reclaimation Criteria on September 30 and October 1.
  • The Phesants are coming, the Phesants are coming!!  We will again be a release site for the phesant season starting October 15th.  The release is being coordinated by the Alberta Conservation Association.

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