Feburary 2015

Well the Ground Hog’s had different ideas on when spring would arrive in this great country…Balzac Billy awarded us with an early spring in Alberta and the weather man, bless his soul, has been trying hard to push that objective. But the weather just can’t seem to get behind the whole idea.  I guess we just have to accept that weather always gets its own way and we can only hope that he will be kind to us.

We had a very productive trip to Saskatoon for the annual Native Prairie Reclamation and Remediation Workshop.  It was very interesting and informative, it was interesting to see that we are now the senior attendees as there is a large influx of young environmentalists out there eager to learn as much as they can as quick as they can.  There are making great efforts to further the native prairie reclamation movement and I for one am very happy to see this.

There isn’t much going on around here as it is still winter and most of our productive time is spent planning for when the warm weather arrives.  Neal is busy with a few things:

  • He’s working on the annual report
  • Organizing a work plan for the summer student
  • preparing to implement our Invasive Species plan
  • organizing our crested wheat grass control plan

I hope everyone has a great February and that Balzac Billy was right and spring will be here sooner than later

Shannon and Neal

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