April 2015

Here on the Ranch spring activities are now in full swing!  Neal is very busy getting things cleaned up and set up for the cattle that will be coming in four short weeks.  All our spring birds are here…the robins, black birds, meadow larks, harriers and there is a ton of pin tails with all the other ducks and geese!  The grass is getting greener by the day and we will soon hear the “pop” of green leaves popping out of all those buds!  Now we just some April showers to bring us some May


Things that are happening around the ranch are:

  • Fencing for when the cows come in on the 15th of May
  • Neal and Don Watson put out a third EKG land transect in the Cassils Marsh field
  • ABMI is again interested in coming out and doing some remote wildlife monitoring this year.  This year they will have a camera and a sound recording device
  • Neal is having a birthday on the 18th of April 🙂
  • look for updates coming to the web page in the next couple of weeks

Well that is all the news from the Ranch for this month.

From all of us here on the Ranch, to all of you out there,

have a wonderful spring season 🙂

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