May 2015

Spring is fully here and summer is just around the corner.  Time to start planting gardens and growing all sorts of stuff!  This time of year is full of baby animals everywhere, baby geese, cows, horses, chicks and just about any other critter you can think of, what a wonderful time of year!  And the farmers markets full of fresh things to eat or grow, everything is new and fresh and here is what is new and fresh on the Ranch:

  • We have a brand new foal, his name is Cort, a fast and beautiful Tennessee Walker!
  • Our cows are just about to start calving, we are all waiting!
  • We also have a summer student, Ross Adams, he is from the U of A and he will be doing research for the ESRD.
  • The lease cows are coming in on the 15th of May.
  • We have 8 radio collars on our cows and will be getting three more, these will be shared out with some of the lease cows, just to give us a good idea where, when and what the cows are grazing.
  • Neal is doing lots of fencing and getting the Ranch ready for summer.
  • Neal is also working on getting the piviots running as it is looking like it may be a dry summer.
  • ABMI will be doing training out here again this summer.

I will try to get some photos up this month, we have some interesting ones as a couple of our cows found a porcupine and decided to wear the fancy quills – ouch!  Untill next month enjoy all the new and fresh that spring always offers.

Shannon, Neal and the boys

Spring Crocus'

Spring Crocus’

Uma with a face full of quills

Uma with a face full of quills

Cort on his first day

Cort on his first day

Cort at a month old

Cort at a month old

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