June 2015

Well we have made it to June, yay!  And so summer starts, we are very dry right now but we keep hoping for rain…We thought it would be tomorrow but he weather man says “no!”  It is rodeo week in Brooks and we usually get lots of rain this week so there is always the chance that it will still show up, (fingers crossed!)  We are lucky, we do have lots of  grass carry over, (we are always planning for springs like this!), so with that and the irrigation fields we will be fine.  However a nice week of rain wouldn’t hurt.

What is new and wonderful on the ranch?

  • ABMI has been out training summer students
  • Our summer student Ross Adams is digging right into life on the ranch and it’s a pleasure to have him around
  • The management committee is having their tour and meeting this week, it’s always good to have them come out for a look around, they don’t always get to enjoy such lovely prairie!
  • The PCF tour is Wednesday June 17, the casino is Thursday and Friday and we are always looking for volunteers
  • We had the good fortune to be invited to bring in a cow/calf pair into the Brooks Pre-School this past Friday
  • Neal is doing a presentation for the Enchant Colony School June 9th through the classroom agriculture program
  • Neal will representing the Ranch at the Calgary Stampede on the Cattle Trail

A special point is that with the extreme dry conditions it is best to not be driving around on the prairie and if you are out and about please be sure to close gates behind you as the cattle are out there and need to stay in their designated fields even if you don’t see them…they always see open gates!

Have a great month, enjoy the sun and the beginnings of another wonderful summer!

Shannon, Neal and the boys

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