July, August, September and October 2015

PIC_0585Greetings all,

Well lets just start by saying it has been a busy summer and fall and I hope everyone had a fantastic time.  I know that I have not been in here for a while but not that I did not try…with life being the way it is and computers being the way they are we just could not seem to get a connection going…but finally we are all on the same page and in the same book so I think we have it sorted 🙂  So how about that summer and fall?

So what happened in July…

  • We switched the radio collars from our Dexter cattle to the lease cows

    Putting the radio collar on Bossy

    Putting the radio collar on Bossy

  • We had one big rain on July 18th that made all the difference to the grass around here
  • The cows were very well-behaved, they all stayed inside their fences and took very good care of their calves
  • Ross spent most of the month ground truthing the GVI, (Grass land Vegetation Inventory), for Alberta Public Lands

    Craig and Ross collecting data for GVI

    Craig and Ross collecting data for GVI

  • Neal spent two days at the Calgary Stampede at the Cattle Trail booth

And then in August…

  • We got away for a few days and Ross held the fort down for us
  • Alberta Fish and Game (with their many wonderful volunteers) put in about eight miles of wildlife friendly fencing which leaves only the fence around the irrigation fields to be converted

    AFGA volunteer putting in wildlife friendly fencing

    AFGA volunteer putting in wildlife friendly fencing

  • The U of A was out collecting data for their study of Green House Gases and Rate of Decomposition of Different Grasses
  • Ross and Neal pulled up old fence posts and rolled up old wire from a variety of areas around the ranch
  • Ross finally had to pull his tent stakes and go back to the city and school but he did get one final ride in on Joe, his horse for the summer!  He really enjoyed working out on the prairie especially if it involved horses and /or cattle!  Neal misses all the help.

And then in September…

  • It’s always fun trying to get the bulls away from the cows, but Neal finally got it done and all the bulls went home by the first week in September, all except one…he stayed on just a few more days
  • there was one sick calf that Neal treated and all was well
  • Finished filling wet lands in time for all the waterfowl and their hunters
  • The boat launch was used a lot this fall

And October…

  • Neal worked on the corrals, getting everything ready for the cows to come out
  • We got a new overhead door for the front of the barn, it works wonderfully
  • Half the cows were trailed out on October 17th and the rest were trucked out on the 20th
  • Neal’s plan of keeping everyone separate worked perfectly untill three days before they were to leave and hunters left a gate open and then Neal got to spend nearly two days getting them sorted again
  • Pheasant season opened on the 17th and pheasants were being released three times a week
  • There were lots of pheasant hunters this year
  • Neal attended the AIA student night at the Medicine Hat College on 28th
  • Halloween was, as always, spooktacular!!!

And that wraps up the summer and fall events around the ranch,

Best regards,

Neal, Shannon and the boys

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