January 2016

The new year has arrived, welcome 2016!!  We had a wonderful December, we didn’t get any real snow until the middle of December and the weather has stayed really fairly warm.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new years eve 🙂 !  We did well, it was wonderful getting together with family, old and new.  So now on with the new year and new plans for the future.

So this is what we have planned for the first month of 2016:

  • Budget!  Always the first thing of the year
  • Neal has three PCF meetings this month, looks like they want to get everything done in January
  • Neal is working on barn maintence and horseing around, (getting horses ready to work in the spring)!
  • The rest of our work is internal organizing, many little details of the year ahead to iron out.
  • We have adopted a little wiener dog, he is really loving the low snow fall and warmer weather

I hope everyone stays warm and is enjoying the increasing day light, and though it is a long way from spring every nice day is one less nasty day!

Shannon, Neal, Boyd and Reyd


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