February 2016

So our ground hog Balzac Billy has declared spring to be here now!!!  That’s two years in a row, how wonderful!   And indeed it does feel like spring is here, though it never really felt like winter was here much at all this year.  We have had a lot of frost through December and January and so that would suggest that we will be having a very wet March and April.  We will be needing the moisture as we have had very little snow and the bit we did have is already gone.

What exciting things are happening around the ranch these days?

  • We are planning the ranches 30th anniversary with celebrations to take place in June
  • Finalizing the annual report
  • Neal is signed up to take the pesticide applicators course as part of the invasive species control management plan for the ranch
  • We are building a pheasant brooder house and flight pen as part of Boyd’s 4-H project.  He will be raising 90 hens and 10 roosters, we hope to be releasing some of them here
  • We have released the ad for a summer student so Craig and Neal will soon be busy looking at applicants
  • And just general chores about the place, Neal is trying to get some time on his horses in preparations for the spring and that is always fun!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful February and that spring really is here 🙂

Shannon Neal and the boys20160112_103434

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