March 2016

Well the ground hog was right and spring was indeed upon us and the weather has been more and more spring like daily!!!  We are all excited about the mild weather for our own personal comfort but very concerned environmentally…We will need a lot of rain to get soil moisture up or we will be in a drought situation before the summer even arrives.  I am confident though that the rains will come considering all the fog we have had since early December.  There are all number and types of spring birds here, geese, swans and  sparrows but still no robins, meadow larks or black birds just yet but every day I am looking and hoping to see them hopping and flitting about!

Assorted spring prep activities are underway here on the Ranch;

  • Neal is changing out the barn doors
  • Quotes are coming in for tinning the barn
  •  Corrals and fences are being mended
  • Plans are being made for the Ranches 30th anniversary
  • We will be conducting interviews for the summer student position at the end of this month
  • We are expecting the same four patrons this year as we have had the last three years

Well that concludes our report for this month, enjoy all the fantastic spring weather and play safe 🙂

Shannon, Neal and the boys

Morning hoar frost on the canal willows

Hoar frost on the canal willows

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