April 2016

Boyd and Reyd in the yard on April 7 2016

What a wonderful spring day!

Spring is in full swing here on the Ranch, all the spring birds have returned, the grass is turning green and the leaves are starting to come out.  Neal is filling his days with spring tasks getting everything ready for the summer season.  So as we get ready to jump into summer these are the things that happening at the Ranch:

  • Neal has replaced all the doors on the barn as the old ones were no longer doing the job
  • He is doing some serious horse work getting the big boys ready to go work
  • Craig and Neal are in the final stages of hiring of a summer student for the Ranch
  • Neal will be attending the AIA workshop in Banff this April
  • A favorite spring task is fencing but as we had such a low snow winter we don’t anticipate much work in that area
  • A new daily task that Neal has incorporated this year is the Rain Dance and he has been very diligent with this daily task! (now lets hope it works)
  • Also there are more snow geese and swans on the lake than we have ever seen in our 10 years on the Ranch.  It is an amazing sight and all the bird watchers should make a trip out to see this!

With such lovely spring weather we are all happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine, listening to the birds and frogs and planning for another fantastic summer out here in this little bit of natural paradise 🙂

Shannon, Neal and the boys

Swans on the lake late March 2016

Swans on the lake late March 2016

Swans on the lake

The white on the banks of the lake is not snow but swans, hundreds of swans on Lake San Francisco at the end of March 2016

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