May 2016


Buffalo Bean doing well



Missed the crocus’ blossom this spring

So, “spring has sprung the grass has riz…I wonder where the birdies is?”  Looks like they are all here on the Ranch.  We have been having a very dry spring with just a few rainy days at the end of April-the weather man keeps promising rain and today we finally have it!  Things are very dry and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the rain will stay for a few days.


salt flats teaming with life

What has been happening on the Ranch?

  • Mica the summer technician has started working
  • The fences have all been checked
  • The roving grazing cages have all been moved
  • The irrigation ditch has been repaired we have water and will start irrigation tomorrow
  • The cows come in next weekend the 15th and we are ready!
  • We are preparing for the Ranches 30th anniversary celebrations
  • working on the implementation of the invasive species plan
  • The Ranch was a stop on a two day tour of the EID by an Ecology Class from the Edmonton Concordia University

So it looks like we are swinging right into high season and if we get some rain that will be fantastic 🙂  Happy spring to all,

Shannon, Neal and the boys



Whoops a beaver dam in the canal!


Boyd and Reyd looking sharp for hat day!

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