June 2016




pin cushion cactus in bloom

Well June has arrived and things are very busy here on the Ranch.  We have a summer student who is working very hard with Neal, doing fencing, checking cattle, doing repairs and maintenance around the Ranch and getting every thing ready for the Ranches 30th anniversary celebration coming up very soon!  We have had some nice rainy days so the grass is growing and all the critters are happy.

So what exactly is going on around here this month?  Here is a short list:

  • The Ranches 30th anniversary celebration June 22
  • collaring cattle to monitor grazing behavior
  • School is soon out for the summer!
  • ABMI is out doing their monitoring training again
  • Bulls are in and working hard
  • 20160605_131708

    Wild Prairie rose in bloom

    $-H sheep show and sale is this Saturday at the Silver Sage, come on out for beef on a bun and watch kids show off their hard work!


Scarlet Mallow, a wonderfully scented native flowe


Our prairie landscape


Boyd with a pheasant from his 4-H project


Reyd learning to ride

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