July 2016

people on a flat bed trailer with straw bales

one of our fine modes of transport for the 30th anniversary tour of the Ranch


We are now in the throws of summer and the temperatures are below normal and slightly wet!  This is good grass growing  weather but not great beach going weather, but we will take it!  Our unusually cool summer has been going very well with these exciting things going on:

  • First off our 30th anniversary celebration was a great success, we had a fantastic turnout for the tour and even better for the supper!
  •  There were some of our local dignitaries such as the honorable Martin Shields, our Reeve Molly Douglas and our local council member Tracy Fyfe!  There was also many local community members who have never really been out and about on the Ranch so it was very exciting to have them out to see what we do and how the “Old Ward Place” looks now.
  • The PCF was also in attendance as it fit right into their summer tour!
  • There were many local DUC members as well as EID members.  It was fantastic to see so many people interested in the Ranch and what we do, thank you for making our celebration such a success!
  • It’s Stampede week, Yahoo!  And that means that we have a display on the Cattle Trail, be sure to check us out.  Neal and Mica (summer student) have been there chatting to everyone about this wonderful place.
  • Mica has been very busy working on the vegetation inventory for the GIV, she is quite happy that the weather has been cooler than normal as it gets very hot out there on the prairie.
  • Boyd is having moderate success with his 4-H pheasant project.  An old released pheasant cockerel has managed to get into the enclosure and has taken the little birds under his wing and is spending a lot of time talking to them and teaching them all the little things they will need to know to survive in the wild!  We are very happy about that.

Well that is what has been going on around here this summer.  Hope you are all enjoying your summer because it is never long enough 🙂

Shannon, Neal, Boyd and Reyd


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