August 2016

As we sit in the autumn of summer slapping at the hordes of mosquitoes…I can’t help but wonder what happened to July?  All that rain has given us lovely grass and more wee biting bugs than we have seen in several years!

So what has been happening around the Ranch besides bug swatting?  Lets check it out;

  • Mica is finishing up her summer student stuff, data entry of all the interesting things that she has discovered this summer
  • Bulls are being rounded up to go home
  • Neal is busy sneezing, suffering from sage and kochia allergies
  • Grass is growing and cows and calves are getting fat
  • We are hosting the Range Health Assessment course in September and 65 people have already registered
  • We have already had calls about hunting season which opens early September

I had a bunch of photos for the web page on my phone and in the process of taking them off my phone they have some how become misplaced so I will look for them again and when I find them I will post them, until then have a wonderful end of summer 🙂

Shannon, Neal, Boyd and Reyd


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