January 2017

So happy new year everyone 🙂  I hope 2017 is treating you all well and that you are staying warm.  Hopefully all the bitter cold weather is behind us as spring is very slowly approaching but every day brings us one day closer to the growing season.

Things are very quiet around the Ranch at this time of year but we do have a few things happening:

  • Neal attended the PCF AGM in Lethbridge last week
  • We have posted our summer range technician position to all the Universities, if you know some one who is interested feel free to contact us for more info
  •  We have begun implementing our invasive weed management plan for this year starting with burning of downy brome on the Ranch
  • Neal is attending the AIA annual conference in Banff again this year
  • Neal is actively working on his pesticide applicators course and trying hard to love it

This winter has been foggy and cold, I have no pictures to share 😦  But I most certainly will have some for February.  Until then stay warm and happy!  I can hardly wait to hear what the ground hog has to say about our spring weather!!!

Shannon, Neal and the boys

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