February 2017

Well the ground hog didn’t have any good news for us in the west and so far he was right.  We have been having lots of cold and snow.  Even though we welcome the moisture we don’t enjoy the bitter cold that came with it!  We were fortunate to be in Fernie skiing when the powder came and were storm stayed and got in another day of skiing :).

I must say we had at least on winter weather phenomena  this year and I have a photo of it!  We had thunder head clouds and Dinosaur Provincial Park had thunder and lighting that day.  It was like a summer storm day just not green or really all that warm!  We did however get a snow shower…my camera of course froze up so no pics of the rain drops!  We also had lots of fog and hoar frost, the frost is always beautiful and one day we had two pheasants sitting in the tree out front!

So there are a few things going on around the Ranch this month:

  • We have had the first of our lambs born, just after the bitter cold, triplets and all are well.  These will be for the 4-H projects
  • February 22 is the closing day for summer student applications for summer work on the Ranch
  • Lethbridge college has confirmed that it is coming out in April for a field day
  • Neal has been working on the year end reports
  • We have been busy with building maintenance and getting everything ready for spring

With the long dark days of winter behind us (hopefully), we are looking at sunshine and melting snow 🙂  We have not seen any geese yet which is very unusual as we normally see a few scouts in early February.

Valentines day, bloody valentines day!  Should be a day of love but is usually a day of dread!  Good luck to everyone, in or out of love and relationships, remember that love is all around us and it is usually easier to find if we close our eyes and open our hearts 🙂  Best of luck to everyone,

Shannon, Neal and the Boys


Tank the momma and baby Eunice, welcome spring 🙂

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