January and February 2018

January super moon over lake San Fransico

The new year is here and there is alot of good bad and ugly! The year started with some very cold weather then it warmed up and was so lovely…it felt like spring was just around the corner, unfortunatley it wasn’t and then it got cold and stayed there!

What all has been happening around the Ranch lately:

  • In January Neal became a new director for PCF
  • There has been alot of paper work happening and everyone is trying to stay warm
  • We had 3 ewes lamb with twins, 1 ewe had very little milk so now we have 2 bottle babies!

Reyd and Boyd warming up the day old lambs

  • In February Neal went to Saskatoon to present at the SK PCAP Reclamation and Remediation Workshop

This has been a very cold February and I keep hoping things warm up soon 🙂

A frosty January day

The boys enjoying the freezing sunshine

only snow drifts left on the prairie at the end of January

lots of snow on the prairie now!

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