March and April 2018

The very end of April and we get our fist dandelion!

The very end of April and we get our fist dandelion!

This has been a very odd season but it would seem that spring has finally arrived…we had a lot of snow and a lot of water! But now we have lots of green grass and green leaves so all is as it should be. I think this is the first year that all the spring birds were here ahead of the spring weather!

We have a new summer student, Kyla, she is a lovely young lady and I am certain that we will all have wonderful summer working together.

The cows are coming in soon and the crested fields are ready for them, with this being such a late spring there was a couple of weeks that we were wondering if the grass would be here before the cows.

So what is happening on The Ranch:

  • We have been having trouble last summer and already this spring with people thinking that it is okay to park and camp overnight on The Ranch. Camping is never allowed on the ranch even though it is public land, the regulations in the wildlife act set out for The Ranch state that the property must be vacated between 11 pm and 4 am
  • Neal and Kyla have checked all the fences and have most of the repairs done
  • There are plans to do work on the corrals
  • Cows are coming the weekend of the 12/13 of May
  • Neal is still actively involved with the PCF and the AIA.
  • He has been invited back to SK to speak on grass management for Native prairie Apprieciantion Week
  • Kyla has joined us for the summer

Well the grass is growing, the wetlands are full and the sun is shining so all is well with The Ranch. Hope everyone has a great spring,

Neal, Shannon and the boys 🙂

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