July and August 2018


Our smokey summer

Cool nights and late mornings means that summer is drawing to an end. It was hot and fast, much like the fires in B.C. right now, but it was good! We had some company, did some camping and stayed outside more that inside and that makes for a great summer! So what has been happening around the Ranch these last two months?

  • Kyla completed her work on the GVI and is busy writing her reports in Lethbridge.
  • Bulls are soon to be pulled for the season.
  • There has been many cases of foot rot and pneumonia in the cows and calves.
  • We just got new shingles on the house, the last few storms took many shingles off…I was disappointed that we were not able to get a discount even though many shingles were already removed for him!
  • we are preparing for the annual management and technical committee meetings.
  • the foothills restoration forum will be holding their range health training day here on September 13.

That just about covers the Ranch activities for now.


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