September 2018 -February 2019


Our smokey summer

This is a very weird blog, I have had some bad luck in that I lost all my photos and due to technical difficulties I have been unable to get onto the web page for updates!  It looks like we are off and running now, so I will dig around and find some old photos and take new ones and I now know how important it is to backup photos, that is about five years I will never see again 😦

So what has happened around the Ranch in the last few months?  Well lets do a little review.

September 2018

  • We hosted a tour for the Red Deer Watershed Authority
  • The Lethbridge College came out for a day of Range Management
  • The Foothills Restoration forum came out for a day tour
  • The weather was super nasty for most of the month!

October 2018

  • The weather improved
  • The cows went home October 20th
  • Hunting season started, they had good weather and lots of success

November 2018

  • Neal attended the PCF board meeting in Lethbridge
  • Neal spent a lot of time winterizing the Ranch and enjoying the lovely fall weather

December 2018


  • Started on next years budget and the year end report
  • Took time off for Christmas

January 2019

  • Welcomed in the New Year
  • Welcomed in some early lambs, our last years ram was named Houdini for a reason!
  • Posted our 2019 summer student position.  As we are done the GVI we will now be focusing our efforts on Wildlife Surveys
  • Neal attended the PCF AGM in Okotoks and he is now the vice chair
  • More budget work and the year end report work
  • The weather was excellent for the first couple weeks and then turned cold and snowy and stayed that way!

February 2019

  • Have had several good applicants for the summer student position and we will be doing interviews in March
  • Neal has been working on his summer grazing plan
  • Happy Valentines everyone!
  • We are getting lots of snow so that is great for spring moisture and lots of green green grass

Well that has been the last few months as we seen them.  I will do some digging and update with photos if I can get some old ones and new ones

Shannon, Neal, Boyd and Reyd

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