March and April 2019


early cinqfoil

Happy spring everyone, I hope there is lots of sunshine and warmth and it is only raining in the evenings and on week days ๐Ÿ™‚

Things are going well here on the Ranch, unfortunately most of our moisture came in the form of snow but we did have a lovely easter with lots of sunshine and even the first wiener roast of the year! Neal turned the big 50 this spring so I think he is perhaps,looking at life from a slightly different perspective now. The days have been full with fencing and corral repairs getting ready for the cattle…it’s an ongoing battle but it keeps him busy until the cows come in!

Our summer student this year will be a wildlife specialist, as all the GVI has been completed, she will be job sharing with MultiSar and then the whole team will be here to do our wildlife surveys.

Neal has been busy with all of his committees and jobs around the Ranch and now that the boys are both riding well and will be able to help with cattle moving this summer ๐Ÿ™‚

So here is what has been happening on the Ranch:

  • Cows come in May 15th
  • We have the same patrons as the last few years
  • They have increased the cattle head but will be pulling cows earlier than usual in order to keep the AUMS the same. With the lack of moisture last fall and low moisture levels this spring we are unwilling to increase AUMS.
  • The summer student starts here at the Ranch in July but will start with MultiSar in May

The only crocus I was able to find on the Ranch this year and it was in the yard!



one of these things is not like the others!!


Happy 50th Neal!


Gone riding!


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