July and August 2019


a lovely summer sunset

July and August were not without excitement around the Ranch, in mid July when the boys were at 4H camp the water system completely failed!  So while I was helping the boys with horses and all that fun stuff Neal was busy trying to dig out the water lines and get some water flowing.  It was well over a week with us using the motor home as home base, fortunately the boys were off to northern Saskatchewan with my sister having a blast taking swimming lessons at the lovely Little Fishing Lake.  We are still trying to get the water to the barn and an underground line put in.

In mid July we finally got some rain, enough to carry us through the rest of the summer with the odd little shower here and there.  The pivots both needed repairs but we were able to get lots of water on the grass to keep it growing.

Megan worked hard at building corrals and her and Neal spent many hours of the horses checking and moving cows.  She was invited out with the US Fish and Wildlife guys to catch and tag ducks for a day.

Well that mostly covers all that was news worthy here on the Ranch, but here is a quick recap:

  • July 2nd Megan came to work at the Ranch doing bird and amphibian surveys
  • Neal and Meagan both worked shifts at the Calgary Stampede!
  • In July the DU marsh keepers had a tour on the Ranch and Neal did a short information speech for them
  • In mid July we had a complete water failure on the Ranch which we are still trying to complete the repairs
  • Neal and Megan tore down and rebuilt most of the corrals
  • Irrigation was in full swing and so was pivot fixing
  • The Alberta Wilderness association was out for a tour and our Chair for the Technical committee, Joel Nicholson, was out with them as well as Jay Bartch a retired DU manager from the Brooks area who also helped set up the Ranch
  • Bulls went home on August 21
  • Megan finished up and went back to Lethbridge to finish her last year of school, all the best to you Megan
  • The US Fish and Wildlife were out for the month of August catching and tagging ducks

Hope your summer was a perfect mix of sunshine and rain, have a great fall!

Shannon, Neal, Boyd and Reyd



And they placed in the bareback event in the 4H achievement day!


And then 2 weeks at Little Fishing Lake in Northern SK


can you spot the spider?


Dragon fly on a jacket during the Alberta Wilderness Association tour


Reyd all cowboyed up!


slough grass,Beckmannia syzigachne, in full flower


As the sunsets over the prairie


The end!

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