September and October 2019


Early September snowfall

So fall came early this year but as usual it didn’t hang around to long.  We did have a lovely fall with lots of great weather.

Here is a break down of what has happened this fall:

  • Water fowl season opened on the 7th of September
  • September 9th the Lethbridge College brought out about 40 students for a range management tour
  • September 12th Grassland Restoration Forum held a range health training day out here on The Ranch with students from The Medicine Hat College and Professional Agrologists
  • The week of the tours was the first rain we had seen since July
  •  Neal had fun moving the cows around to the green spots to make sure we had enough grass for the rest of the summer
  • We had a very good dump of snow at the very end of September
  • The cows were scheduled to go home on the 5th of October but due to the heavy snowfall the were delayed until the 10th and we had more snow just before that
  • Pheasant season opened on the 15th of October
  • We had the rest of October to get fall tasks done as we had a lovely open fall after Thanksgiving

A young golden eagle found on The Ranch under a power line.


something wicked this way comes!


A spooktaculare party

We had a lovely fall and a happy Halloween!  Now to get ready for Christmas and the end of the decade.

Shannon, Neal and the Boys


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