January and February 2021

Winter Sunrise

Happy New Year!!! 2021 is finally here and it feels just like 2020…I’m sure everyone was hoping for a break from covid-19 but that hasn’t happened yet.

We did get some good skiing in when the weather was nice and then hunkered down when the big chill hit in February! Fortunately we didn’t get any babies during the cold spell so all was well. Neal took advantage of the stay inside kind of weather and got caught up on all his paperwork and computer stuff.

So what has been going on in the first couple months on The Ranch:

  • In January Neal was elected as chair of The Prairie Conservation Forum
  • In January we got a new gas stove in the kitchen now when the power goes out we can still cook and boil water!
  • Bryce finished trapping on The Ranch at the end of February, he had a good year and caught lots of coyotes
  • Some of the data that was collected on The Ranch in the past was used in a publication by Sue Michalsky and Marilyn Neville, Recommended Monitoring Protocols For Targeted Grazing Projects
  • Multi Sar presented their findings to the Technical Committee, from the wildlife surveys they conducted in 2019. Look for them to be posted on our website
winter sunrise
First day of 2021
Mother Nature is still my favorite artist
What a pretty chicken
A chilly lamb and two cute boys šŸ™‚
We had to say goodbye to this little one šŸ˜¦
What a beautiful afternoon on the prairie
Neal and the Boys at Kimberly
The powder was wonderful at Kimberley
Boyd and Reyd at Tower 18
Sweet times at the Candy Store
The cool guys on the bridge
Reyd on Buddy at 4-H riding
Boyd on Festus at 4-H riding
A winter sunset

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