March and April 2021

And the just like that the frogs are singing and the birds are croaking 🙂

March came in like a lamb but did indeed go out like a lion! The last storm of March produced lots of moisture and a 71 car pile up on the highway just east of Brooks, fortunately there were no deaths! April was very mild, we had great lambing weather and the neighbors had great calving weather. Easter was great, the Easter bunny found us again, we had one last fantastic ski day and then said a hopeful goodbye to snow and cold. It was a bit dry and we didn’t get many of our usual wild flowers but we will see what the rest of the spring does.

So Neal is always busy during the spring and this is what has been going on at The Ranch:

  • In March Kristen Rumbolt presented the 2019 wildlife survey findings to the Technical committee. Look for the report on our website this fall!
  • We set the stocking rate with the EID, we have three patrons coming in early, May 15 and one coming in later July 15. This allows us to match our AUMS with the EID stocking numbers.
  • There were three reclamation certificates issued on The Ranch.
  • In April the physical labour started! The barn got cleaned, corrals got cleaned out, fences were repaired and things were prepped for the cows coming in!
  • Neal wrote and article for Outdoor Canada West magazine, it will be published in July so keep an eye out for that!
  • We had the joy of having not one but two white Canada Geese on The Ranch! I was unable to get a really good picture of them but I have a few not great photos to share. They likely have a condition called Bird Leucism This is a very rare condition and we are all excited to have seen them on The Ranch.
A white Canada Goose!
A condition called leucism causes birds to grow white feathers
A white Canada Goose! A condition that causes birds to grow white feathers is called Leucism

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