May and June 2021

A twisted wood!

So…no April showers means no May flowers! However we did get May showers so we did get some May flowers! All the plant life was very delayed and some were cancelled for the year. We did however get enough rain in May to get the grass started so that was a blessing. June brought us lots of rain in a few days and now we are hot and dry! But as the future is unpredictable who knows what may be coming in July and August. We just have to wait and see.

So what has been happening on The Ranch you might ask if it’s not rain, well some stuff…let me tell you:

  • The cows came in on May 15th, again we did had three patrons come in and one stay out on a different EID field, this allowed us to let some more grass grow with less pressure
  • We had a team of Wildlife Biologists our for 2 full days of surveying to cover the areas that had been missed in earlier surveys.
  • They were unable to do a survey on the lake because the wind wouldn’t cooperate.
  • Keep your eyes open for the survey results, they will be posted on the website later this year.
  • They did however release a little brown bat that had been found in Suffield in the winter. As we have a hoary bat population here with lots of habitat this is now his new home.
  • Neal also wrote a short article for Outdoor Edge West…it will be in the July publication.
  • In June Neal was busy checking cows and fixing the fences that they broke!
  • The irrigation was more of an irritation again this year but we are grateful to have it on such a dry year. Once Neal was able to get the pivots running the ditch had two blow outs! We did get everything working after no shortage of headache and interesting words!
  • The bulls came in on June 11th because we got one of our big rains on June 10th!
  • The PCF had a virtual spring meeting this year and Neal was the chair…it was good to have the meeting but everyone is looking forward to being in person and having a tour in fall.
The bat release
A pollinator haven
Not sure what name this guy goes by but he sure is hairy!
That little bee getting a full load of pollen
Here’s looking at you!
Frogs having a sing a long
The end

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