July and August 2021

The end of summer

So, that is it….summer is over and fall is back! It certainly was a hot summer and looks like it’s going to be a very nice fall. The boys went back to school August 30th and were happy to be going back and seeing all their friends again. Lets hope that the schools remain open all year. The house is quiet again and things are looking kind of normal.

We had a great summer on The Ranch…we watered the lawn lots and cut it only a little, that pleased the boys because there sure is a lot of grass to cut! As always the bull comes and the bull goes 🙂 Same thing around here, though one bull gave Neal a run for his money. The bull was not wanting to leave the wetland and charged Neal and his horse, his horse stepped in a muskrat run, fell and rolled over Neal. The horse ran off and left Neal to fend for himself luckily the bull wasn’t interested in playing and left Neal to walk about a KM to the road where he called home to get a lift. Neal was a bit sore but nothing broken and the horse faired very well. I think that was all the excitement we had out here.

So what are the important things that happened out here? Lets have a look:

  • We had no rain at all in July! It was looking very scary out there!
  • Fortunately we had lots of carry over grass for the cows though Neal was keeping busy moving them around to different areas for a more even graze.
  • On July 29th we hosted a targeted grazing workshop put on by Marilyn Neville and Sue Michalsky. There were nine people in attendance and as this was a first time workshop everyone was happy with the turn out.
  • Fortunately we didn’t need to treat many calves, there were a lot with a dust cough so Neal moved them north away from the roads and then only needed to treat a few.
  • On August 10th Neal had a virtual PCF board meeting it went well.
  • The bulls were pulled August 15th, it all went well except for the one mentioned above 🙂
  • We finally got an inch of rain on the 17th of August, it took about a week then the grass started to green up and grow again…it was great to see the green come back because things were looking pretty sad.
  • On August 31st we hosted a horse dentist visit for a neighbourhood, it was a good turn out!
Winner winner chicken dinner!

A native bee on a skeleton weed flower

A lovely orange butterfly

A police car fly

This dung beetle was on the move, he must of had some crap to do!

This blue butterfly would not stay still but I got him anyway! If you look close I think he is smiling 🙂
A tiger Salamander that came out to enjoy the rain

Yellow is the colour of Summer

A funky dried mushroom
Before the rain all we really had growing was gum weed
The prairie the day after the rain
The prairie a week after the rain
Dotted Blazing star…I haven’t seen much of this on the ranch
Evening primrose looking so delicate and prim!
Bee plant looking lovely
The long shadows of a summer evening

We did a little traveling this summer, we went north to SK for a family wedding and we went where no man has gone before!

Live long and prosper!

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