Antelope Creek Ranc#72B7DDF

Antelope Creek Ranch Habitat Development Area was developed 1986. Jack Shaver represented the AFGA at this ceremony, as president of the AFGA; the late Mr. Shaver deserves much of the credit for orchestrating the purchase of the ranch.

In 1987 a management plan was developed  to ensure that livestock operations, in particular, would continue as part of the ranch business plan to demonstrate multiple and compatible land use principles; key management objectives for the ACRHDA are listed below:

– Protect, enhance and develop key wildlife habitat for upland birds, waterfowl and non-game species.
– Manage livestock grazing to benefit both wildlife and livestock, in order to demonstrate the benefits of complimentary grazing systems and gain community support for overall management objectives through integrated land use.
– Integrate petroleum and natural gas activity with wildlife habitat, recreation and grazing components.
– Provide primarily non-mechanized recreational opportunities.
– Provide education and research opportunities.
– To use all the “assets” of the property to the highest and best use and to ensure self-sufficiency.

In 1989, government legislation, subject to the Wildlife Act, was used to establish what is termed the “Antelope Creek Habitat Development Area” to regulate public access and activities on the ranch. Regulated access on the ACRHDA benefits local wildlife such as white-tailed deer, antelope, foxes, coyotes, upland birds and waterfowl.

Initially, the ranch was managed by the technical committee under the direction of the management committee with members of both groups coming from the partners who were party to the original purchase agreement. Management by committee was seen as a non-starter, in the long run, and the founding members realized that eventually this would have to change to include a ranch manager who would live on the ranch.

Today the managers of the ranch are Neal Wilson and Shannon Burnard.

They can be contacted by phone at: 403-793-2544

Website:  www.antelopecreekranch.ca

Email:  antelopecreekranch@eidnet.org